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Team Sky cyclist Chris Froome is facing his biggest battle and this one is FIFA Coins uphill all the way One of the more bemusing details from the Old Trafford brawl is the role of the police in the tunnel. According to reports of the melee, police 'looked on in disbelief'.Er, they did what? Watched? So what are they there for, then? 

This was a mass fight, with punches thrown, objects aimed and injuries caused. It seems like exactly the sort of behaviour the police are there to prevent.Why was it left for stewards to break up? If the police do not want to get involved, why are they in the tunnel? 

If all they want is autographs, get behind the barriers with the rest of the kids. If they just want to watch the match, buy a ticket. Spare us the lesson in respect, Arsene... Arsene Wenger has cited wrestling as holding the answers to football's problems with respect. '

In sumo, you never can tell which guy wins,' said Wenger. 'The Cheap FUT Coins winner doesn't show any emotion out of respect for the loser. When you live in Japan, what comes through is the respect for people.' Well, yes and no. There is a lot of politeness and bowing to superiors, but it is quite an insular society and visiting foreigners — not sensei (teachers) like 

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