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It was only when I was RuneScape gold that I started to consider it as a profession. I liked writing stories in my free time, I loved playing with matches. There was actually a manner that I could do so together as a job. I began applying to universities at this point with literally no previous knowledge of the gaming industry, and for some unknown reason, somebody saw something in me and offered me a position in a computer science and matches technology course. It's likely an unconventional story in the industry, but it just goes to prove that you have a passion for gambling, there is not much you can't reach.


I were graduated from college for about two months before I got my job at Jagex. It was a strange period, working on and off at a neighborhood bar, having this sense of impostor syndrome likely related to having essentially zero experience compared to everyone else I'd met in my college course and halfheartedly applying every now and then to a games business. At some point, I came across Jagex and instantly realized RuneScape as that game my brother used to play along with his friends from school he used to lure his buddies into"The Wilderness" and then steal their stuff that I wasn't certain why they kept playing with him.


I applied, and within the space of a month, I moved to Cambridge and began my very first real job. It was a massive shock to the machine I had been surrounded by people who had worked in the sector and also the firm  for  years. They had this huge wealth of knowledge that I didn't even know how to begin going about getting. Fortunately, I was encouraged perfectly on a daytoday basis, and slowly but surely my impostor syndrome disappeared, and I started to feel at home.


Tell us a little.I am now a technical programmer for RuneScape, which is old school runescape gold years old and as such has thousands upon thousands of lines of aging code. My main role as a specialized programmer is to keep up the code base, update and make sure new content is effective and easy to keep. In addition to this, I design and create new content.I am also trained in mental health first aid as part of a group of"wellbeing champions," which serve as contact points for staff if they are experiencing problems with their physical or mental health. We can support them on a daily basis and supply tools to assist them with whatever problems they're having.

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