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Their boldness puts the cover system through its paces, which makes the mechanic as essential as any weapon in your arsenal. You shouldn't expect to camp your way to the objective. My observations, but only extend to the Division 2 Boosting

 Hyenas faction. They're ravenous, and it is a good lore explanation for why they'd happily charge a Division representative's position.

I have spent a few hours using The Division 2 closed beta in the past day, and I'm probably going to quit now since I really don't see much purpose in grinding out side-missions and what not I'm going to have to re-do at launching.

The sequel sounds...fine.I'm sorry when I can't be more enthused than this, but in those early hours here, I really didn't find all that far in The Division 2 that has been wildly different than the first. You take cover, you shoot men, you get equipment, you utilize abilities. This is one of the sequels that so far feels like DLC rather than, although I mean, you have to keep that core intact.

The setting of DC is interesting, but 95% of the time on buy The Division 2 Boosting

 street level it is not functionally that far different than NYC was, minus a few interesting POIs like the crashed Air Force One. It also does not help I have spent probably 200 hours in postsecondary DC in Fallout 3 already, though this is certainly a rendition than that was.