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Giants are now the configuration of Madden Mobile Coins the external receiver can be said that the league is the weakest, the fourth week of their stunning battle with the lightning can be described as heavy losses, followed by sacrifices, including Odell Beckham, including the four main outsiders, Even so, the Giants stole two victories in the ensuing race. 

In the team up and down awe all over the atmosphere of the weird background, eating the chieftain this piece of hard bones greatly boosted the morale, the first two consecutive lost to the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49 people, the media broke the giant locker room contradictions Coach Ben McCarty has lost control of the team, whether the matter is targeted or groundless, to defeat the chieftain shows that the team still has such a tenacity, did not completely rotten. This time thanksgiving battle away to Washington challenge red skin, want to eat turkey feast or to be based on the basis of defense, the offensive end for a breakthrough.

Thanksgiving Day, of course, children's laughter, in addition to the NFL, most High Schools will arrange a school day game during Thanksgiving Day, all students, parents, and even ordinary residents will go cheer, this is the real source of rugby tradition. Some schools will be similar to the Thanksgiving NFL NFL battle, to serve the victory of Buy Madden 18 Coins  the turkey feast, of course, this situation parents will let children learn to share, and the failed team to share turkey dinner.

New York fans will also attend the Macy's parade during the day and although it is heard that Macy's is about to leave China, it will not hinder its annual Thanksgiving parade. On this day, you can see crowded crowds and huge parades of people on the streets of Manhattan in New York City. It can be said that this is Thanksgiving's popular program. The parade will have the popular giant cartoon balloons of the year parade, such as SpongeBob, Hulk and Snoopy, in addition fans will wear team jersey cap doping in the parade, when Jet fans hit the giant fans will also abandon the forefather friendly grip a paw.

As a result of this attack, Walsh was sluggish, sliding to the bottom like a water slide in 2016. He did not even kick in with the extra points. In the tenth week of 20-26 defeat the Redskins, Walsh once again missed the additional points, but also depleted the team's patience, so just a year, Walsh from the league the highest paid kick One of Buy Madden 18 Coins the players became a home-stayer, leaving people to marvel at fate and uncertainty.

Walsh this season re-appointment of the Hawks had a chance to come back, all the things they lost back. He was only 27 years old in 1990, and he is still very young for a kicking player. It is no exaggeration to return to the top. In the second week of the preseason, in the face of the old club Vikings, Walsh hit two shots of 50 + yards long shots and successfully helped the home team 20-13 defeat the Vikings, also completed his revenge. Walsh, a gruesome newspaper, was ecstatic, and he even made crazy provocative moves against Vikings coach Mike Kitmer and his former teammates.

New York Giants won six games in the past seven games, temporarily won the State League playoff cards outside the seat. The New York Giants are also the only team to beat the Dallas Cowboys this season with 20-19 winners in the first week of the season. Team Strong Wenton - Collins is a Giants defensive group this season, the rise of Buy Madden 18 Coins important players, he has won 94 tackles this season, leading the entire team. And he's the only player in the season to win at least 3 sacks (3) and 3 interceptions (5).

This season, the rise of the Dallas Cowboys for all fans unexpected, after a wave of 11-game winning streak, they became the first team to determine the playoffs seat, the game as long as the Cowboys can win the giant, you can Locked ahead of the League of Eastlands first name, will ensure the first round of the playoffs outside the card and the home advantage of the playoffs. Rookie quarterback Dam-Prescott became the first rookie player in NFL history to deliver at least one touchdown and five consecutive interceptions in five consecutive games. The rookie running back Yijie Keer - Elliott currently 12km yards rushing the ball code yardage lead the league, while he also got tied for more than 12 second touchdown touchdowns.

It is worth mentioning that, in 1988 by the Phoenix Cardinals selected Tupa, or a good kicker. In the 1989-90 season, the Cardinals played Week 6 against the Philadelphia Eagles and Tupper made 6 interceptions in a single game. However, in the 1980s, the NFL coalition interception probability much higher than now. In the 1989-90 season, the average interception rate in the NFL was 3.9%, while the average interception rate so far for 2017-18 was only 2.4%.

However, no matter how terrible the Tuba's first-ever battle was, Tupac made a strong rebound after three weeks with the team against the Dallas Cowboys. The game, Tupac passing 245 yards, scored two touchdowns, did not send a copy of Madden 18 Coins the cut, and led the team to 24:20 victory over the Cowboys. The only other start-of-fight in the season at Tupac - the 12th week of the Cardinals lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 13:14 - he also avoided being intercepted. All in all, people simply mention Tupper, but more about him as a kicker, not as a quarterback. Tupac played for a total of 25 NFL games as a starting quarterback, but since 1991, he has never debuted as a quarterback. Before retiring in 2004, Tupper remained focused on his role as kicker.

The great quarterback Peyton Manning, who retired to the Hall of Fame, is still well respected in the United States. Although he still maintains a variety of fanciful NFL records and got two Super Bowl trophies, he is not a "player" in the traditional sense, either in Indianapolis or in Denver Broncos, Manning Sometimes playing on the floor as a coach, often reading the game during offensives and changing his offensive strategy based on each other's defenses, it is often difficult for opponents to Madden 18 Coins judge Manning's offensive defenses when he is on the court.

The great Peyton - Manning is relying on the court under the excellent dominance, which retired after attracting countless teams eyes. Manning made a retired speech after having taken the Super Bowl to the Broncos at Denver for the 2016 season, looking back on his 18-year career and saying with excitement, "When I look back at my NFL career, I know no doubt that I've done my best , To help those I have been to the team to win the return. Because of this, I am even more regrettable. "

Head coach Peter Carroll said the team is working with the league's investigation and does not want to discuss too much about the details of the incident. Carroll was asked this week whether Russell Wilson was properly assessed for the injury at the time. "I now need to see what they think." I said what I knew at the time. We are now going to  Buy Madden 18 Coins discuss it with the referees and the parties, so I will not be able to comment now Any details of this survey, but I think there will be more information to be disclosed in a few days. "

Wilson conducted a press conference on Friday. But at the moment his mouth only regained half, he was hard to speak in a few days after being hit. At the same time he had to wear a hard tooth to ensure the return to normal after receiving a chin adjustment. This also led to the fact that he can not eat hard food now.

This year only played a game Cardinals running back David - Johnson (David Johnson) is gradually restored. On Monday, Johnson posted a video on Twitter saying he had removed the plaster from his left arm. He also showed the wrist that has already moved freely. He dislocated his wrist in the first week of Buy Madden 18 Coins the competition into the injury reserve list.

Johnson also need more time to rehabilitation and strength of the wrist, can return to the game is still hard to say. He himself made it clear that he is willing to return, but for now everything is unknown. His health is only part of the game, even if he can return to the last few races, the Cardinals record if there is no competition in the playoffs, let him play only adds to the risk. Currently 4-5 record, the top quarterback still in the case of injury reserve list, no one dared to be optimistic.

Pony almost following the grams from the hands of Pittsburgh Steelers to grab the relief grain, steel perhaps life must not be, perhaps the pony has not yet reached the standards of hardship, the final section of Madden 18 Coins the human benevolent righteousness to reverse, give small The seventh season of the horse season.

Now that the Giants have been giving warmth to only the needy home Cleveland Browns and losing 49 to San Francisco, McCarthy has lost control of the locker room to the edge of get out of class.Say good to white, but you secretly baked the oil. San Francisco, 49 people beat the New York Giants this week bid farewell to nine straight, get the first win of the season, smashed gossip 0-16, to hear the news of Cleveland Browns do not know that it is joy.

Lore catching ball in the Oakland Arena, fatal mistakes in Buffalo and New Jersey, and an unprecedented back-to-back touchdowns at Chicago's rookie safety guards. These offensive and defensive bouts that took place during the seventh week of the NFL2017 season eventually became an important part of Buy Madden 18 Coins the outcome of the game.

The New Yorker also scored 14 points ahead of the home team Dolphins at the start of the fourth quarter when the Miami Dolphins took home the New York Jets at Sunday afternoon local time. However, the team starting quarterback Jay - Cutler injury to leave the case, the Miami unexpectedly in the backup quarterback Matt - Moore led the way, with unabated draws. In the race there will be 47 seconds to end when the two teams still score hard to compete. However, the Dolphin cornerback Bobby McCain seized the chance to intercede the New York quarterback Josh McAnon on a jumper on the Jets on the 23-yard line. The interception also after the Miami Heat 39 yards free kick shot score to seal the victory, laid a solid foundation. McCain performed almost perfectly before this turnaround, and he has completed three touchdowns in this game. However, it was the key mistake of McCain that ruined the Jets throughout the race.

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