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In Wildcard Studio they have been very enthusiastic about the announcement. Jeremy Stieglitz, co-creative director, emphasizes that "the portable mode of Switch gives a new and fantastic possibility to Buy ARK Items survivors who want to completely immerse themselves in the vast world of ARK". In addition, it ensures that all functions and content of the title seen in other systems will be part of this adaptation. "With this new version, Switch players can go directly to hunt and tame while on the couch, form online tribes and look for new areas to conquer while on the bus, queuing or wherever."ARK: Survival Evolved becomes portable in the fall of this year. An experience full of hours and possibilities that lands, finally, on Nintendo Switch.

War Drum Studios, creators of mobile versions of franchises such as Bully or Grand Theft Auto, has teamed up with Studio Wildcard to bring ARK's massive online multiplayer survival experience: Survival Evolved to mobile platforms. They say it's the same game, with the same mechanics, although there are far fewer creatures than in the PC and console versions.

Just in the early hours of this morning, a contest for the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League has already begun, and Liverpool are at home against Manchester City. Facing the powerful opponent who has reached the league title indefinitely, the Zhang Zhenlun (Shocked Blue Moon) aura in Zhang Bolun has once again erupted. In the 21st minute of the game, Chamberlain inserted the teammate's pass in the middle of the game and brought it. After stepping up, he kicked the ball directly. The ball slammed into the other goal like a ball, hitting the other goalkeeper Edson unresponsive. The live shot accurately captured the performance of the two coaches on the sidelines when Chamberlain scored the goal: Guardiola was unbelievable on his face and his face immediately became frustrated after confirming that everything was true; Klopp on the other side is exactly the opposite. Although there was no difference in the disbelief of the face that was just beginning to look, it was indeed ecstasy. Chamberlain's goal is indeed too critical, but also into the beautiful, the Champions League 1 / 4 final against Manchester City, such a big scene of FIFA Coins such a wave of world waves, you can pick him what?

It is worth mentioning that just in the recent Premier League home match against Manchester City Liverpool, Chamberlain is also a thousand miles away riding a huge kick into the wonderful world wave, helping the team 4-3 Lectra rivals. Chamberlain's performance in Liverpool's two big hearts also responded to all those who previously questioned him: Who said I do not have a ball dealer? Who says I can't kick the middle? It is widely known that Chamberlain during the Arsenal period was once jokingly fanned by the fans as "world-class below the neck." Even after joining Liverpool, many people questioned Klopp's choice: What does it mean that Zha Shu is such a player who will only be foolhardy? ?

ARK: Survival Evolved and its Scorched Earth Expansion Pack now include support for NVIDIA Ansel — a revolutionary new way to Buy ARK Items  capture in-game shots. Compose a shot from any position, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high fidelity formats, and share the screenshots in 360 via a smartphone, PC or VR headset. Learn more about these features in the Ansel Technology page and the NVIDIA blog.

Xbox One owners will also receive today a content-rich update which PC gamers received last month, as well as an HD resolution upgrade to fully support 720p gameplay with 1080p UI’s. The player-created Mod entitled ‘Primitive+’ is now an official part of ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One, which features more than 100 new items, weapons, structures, and survival mechanics oriented towards “primitive” style living — effectively doubling the amount of content within ARK! In addition, as part of the v739 update, Studio Wildcard also has brought to life two new creatures, the versatile Pelagornis and the pack-minded Allosaurus, along with a new Fishing Rod and fishing mechanic, and a flurry of additional gameplay features!

Today's Jazz away 121-97 away from the Timberwolves, Jazz player Ricky Rubio played 23 minutes, 9 of 14 shots, including three 6-pointer 6 shots and got 23 points, 7 rebounds and NBA Live Coins 3 assists.

The game Rubio made five 3-pointer hits in a single-game three-pointer season. His previous record was four, and the most recent one was obtained on March 23, Beijing time against the Lone Ranger.

Exceeding today's game, Rubio averaged 29.9 minutes per game this season, scoring 12.8 points, 4.6 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.6 steals. He averaged 1.2 threes per game.

The 25-year-old quarterback Johnny Manzel has been absent from football for two years. Recently the famous prodigal son is actively preparing for the return to the NFL. It's hard to have teams willing to Madden Coins open their doors. Last month, Manzel attracted the attention of many scouts in the training camp in Texas, and he talked alone with the Patriots on the second day after the training.

Can you imagine Manzel wearing the NFL jersey in the near future? Can you imagine him wearing Patriot's jersey and Brady going side by side into the Fox Castle? It doesn't matter if you can't imagine it, someone can imagine it. The Atlanta Falcons Runaway De Fontaine-Friman believes that Manzel is a good boy. He thinks that if there is a team in the league that can make Manzel change his face, it must be the New England Patriot. According to his words, : "If Manzel joins Patriots, then the sky will be his limit."

As we all know, Guardiola voluntarily gave up the Sanchez battle in January's transfer window, leaving the Manchester City's reserve in reserve significantly less than other locations. Obviously, at present, Manchester City has only two forwards, Aguero and Jesus, and the former has confirmed that they will leave the team in 2020. Now, Manchester City certainly hopes to use a new contract to lock in as early as possible.

However, the "Daily Mail" disclosed that although the renewal negotiations between Manchester City and Jesus had started as early as the end of last year, they had not made much progress. It is reported that, at present, the weekly salary of Hotsus is only 65,000 pounds, and Manchester City only raises him to 90,000 pounds. He hopes to FIFA Coins renew his contract with him in 2023, but he was rejected. It is reported that the Jesuit agent hopes to raise at least 100,000 pounds.

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